A Multi-faceted Approach to Healing Lyme…The Only Way To Achieve Health

You know, Borrelia Burgdorferi and Company are special little suckers. Unlike the treatment of other infections, they suck up every last minute out of my day due to the mess they make of the body. There’s always so much clean-up and trying to get things back in order….yes, the pathogens party hard, and invite two thousand of their closest infectious friends over whenever they get the opportunity.
I can just hear them now, “Hey Herpes! The immune system’s down! Come on over!”

So what are the implications of this? Well, we Lymies can’t just take a few antibiotics and hope for the best…no, not usually. I have met the rare soul who did no more than pop a few pills, and yet who partied hard and still recovered, but that’s not most of us.

It is important to take a multi-faceted approach to healing, which includes;

1) Killing Bb and the co-infections, whether it’s Babesia, candida, mold, bartonella, parasites, etc… (See my link on treatment options)
2) Doing something with all that bug die-off! Get it outta the body, quick, before the body has to contend with neuro and biotoxins! Make your new mantra, detox, detox, detox!
Chlorella, French Green Clay (yes you can eat clay), coffee enemas with a beet, carrot and cucumber drink beforehand), and cilantro tea with chlorella are a few commonly used detox strategies.
3) Keeping the organs and body systems functioning smoothly amidst all the killing and toxin mop-up!
This means; a) Attention to the hormones! Thyroid, adrenals, etc…b) Attention to the brain, (a dip in serotonin can be bad for the emotions), liver (gotta keep that toxin processor clean), kidneys, adrenals (especially those poor adrenals!…without your adrenals, you don’t have an immune system), heart, digestive system, and so on…
4) Staying spiritual…listen to God, spend some time in quiet contemplation. Believe in your body’s ability to heal. Don’t overlook the emotional/mental aspect of healing. Doing number 4 will give you better results with 1-3!