Two Herbal Treatment Alternatives For Babesia

While artemisinin has been the primary herb used to combat Babesia, a couple of others are emerging to challenge its sovereignity. These may be more effective and/or safer than artemisinin, though not enough evidence has been compiled yet to definitively determine this.

The first is a brother of artemisinin, called artesunate, which is also a derivitive of the whole herb artemisia. It is thought to be four to five times more active in the body than artemisinin, and just as safe, which makes it potentially more effective than its sibling.

The other is cryptoleptis, an herb that is thought to have fewer side effects than artemisia’s derivitives and which may also pack a more powerful punch to the Babesia pathogen. This herb is an especially good choice for those whose ferritin levels are low, as iron is required for the body to effectively utilize artemisia. Those who have adverse reactions from artemisia and/or other Babesia protocol would benefit, as well.