You Know You’re Lyme-Brained When…

…You set your rollerboard duffel suitcase behind the trunk of your car, with the intent of putting the duffel into the car, but instead, you get into the car and back up over the duffel,
(totally forgetting you were going to load it into the trunk in the first place) and don’t think to question why your car seems “draggy” until you’re well out of the garage and ready to put the car into forward drive, at which time, you get out of the car and see the poor duffel, all mangled on the road! (But you might be spared some embarrassment if it’s 600 AM and nobody’s out and about yet…)

(…So this was my day yesterday… If anyone would have given me a funny look at the airport, I would have probably just told them that a pit bull got a hold of my bag 🙂 . Or I could have told the truth, but who would have believed that it was really Borrelia’s fault?