Speaking Truth To An Impossible Mind

You know the deal. Some days you awaken and manage to praise God for a decent night’s rest (which for you, means five solid hours without shifting around in bed like a kabob over a spit).
But other days, you wake up feeling like some cartoon character, whose body has been plugged into an electrical outlet, run over by a Big Mac truck, and then tossed over a cliff. On those days, and if you are like me, you open your eyes and curse the day.

‘THIS LIFE SUCKS!’ You scream inside, then begin a chain of laments, which seals the deal on a day that’s destined to be a bummer.

It’s understandable and justified to have a pity party, but sadly, it compounds the problem of illness and pulls you another step away from your goal of health.

Unfortunately and fortunately, the mind matters.
But speaking positive words of health to the body when every one of your parts is throbbing or sobbing often feels like walking along a precipice of impossibility.

But you just have to. If you want to get out of this fix, you must stop the daily Song Of Laments.
I’m not saying it’s not OK to grieve….grieving is necessary and watering a few plants with your tears is good and healthy.

Yet, as the thoughts begin to tumble out of your mind, first thing in the morning, grab onto them and challenge them, one after the other, before they begin to run wild like horses destined for a bitter horizon.

When I am strong enough to do this, my morning rush looks something like this…

Me: Ugh. Can’t I awaken just ONE day without back pain?

The Brain Police: Stop it right there!

Me: What a waste of a life. I’ll bet my 93 year-old Grandma doesn’t feel this bad.

The Brain Police: Do you want to spend the day in a mental prison?

Me: But this is the truth of how I feel!

The Brain Police: It doesn’t matter. You must speak God’s truth. “…by His stripes, we are healed…”

Me: Why should I speak God’s truth about healing? It never manifests in my body, anyway!

The Brain Police: Your other option is the mental prison. You can’t heal as long as you mope and moan over all that’s wrong with you.

Me: (Gritting my teeth). Okay….well, uh, then… Thank you, God, for this day….I’m really grateful that I can get out of bed…Thank you for this box-spring mattress….For my eyesight…
Wait…I don’t believe any of this right now!

The Brain Police: Don’t make me lock you up!

Me: Uh….okay…(gulp)….I speak healing to this body. I know you are healing me, God, more and more everyday…

The Brain Police: That’s it! Keep going. Keep going another hour, and by the time you get out of bed, you’ll find yourself able to believe a little differently. You’ll be freed from the mental prison. If just for another day.