IRT (Immune Response Training) May Not Be For You…

….Just as Salt/C, Rife, pharmaceutical antibiotics and other Lyme therapies aren’t for everyone.
IRT may especially not be for you if you need to know the science behind everything, because its science is somewhat unidentified and undefined by man.
It is an art (as Gary Blier, its founder, calls it) whose success, I daresay, hinges on God. And try to figure God out! You won’t get too far.

This art involves codes that are designed to alter cellular behavior, by telling the body what to do in the language of the autonomic nervous system. (Did you know that your ANS is capable of receiving and communicating Truth?) While the codes use numbers and letters belonging to the English language, the conscious mind cannot fathom what they mean; only the ANS can do this and use them to fix the body.
IRT is also based upon the principle that the body can heal itself and only needs to be reminded how to do so. Why give it something from the outside when all resources can be found from within?
It’s as though the body forgets–we forget–as the Psalmist in the Bible writes, how “fearfully and wonderfully made” we are.
As though God really, truly, gave the body dominion over every piece of live and synthetic garbage that would enter its courts, over every creepy-crawly that would dare interfere with its organs and tissues, and over any and everything that would not contribute to its well-being.
As though the immune system is King, and can banish any and everything that dares to interfere with our perfect, God-given biochemistry.
This includes establishing dominion over harmful thoughts, which enter deep into the cells and wreak havoc. If the latter idea seems strange to you, consider that, according to Quantum physics, matter (and that means your cells), is comprised of energy, and with our thoughts, we transmit energy to our cells, which then alters cellular composition, sometimes to our detriment.
That’s a pretty profound implication for something as quiet as a thought.

So the aforementioned is a bit of the science behind IRT. But, like so many concepts in science, God has shown us a bit of the What without too much of the How. Or perhaps it’s really the How without the What…but whatever philosophy you adopt, He’s given us a way to health through IRT, without revealing the fullness of its interworkings, but which remain in His fullness, the One who is and remains, the greatest mystery of all.
So if you can accept the mystery and you believe in God, IRT may be just right for you.
Otherwise….have a go at herbs, salt/C or whatever other therapy seems right to you. Anyway, we’re all given a different path to walk in the journey through Lyme.

“….Surely he has borne our infirmities and carried our diseases….and by his bruises we are healed.” Isaiah 53: 4,5
(NRSV Bible)