To Combine Or Not To Combine Therapies; That Is The Question

Out of a desperate need to do or try anything and everything to heal, Lyme sufferers will often combine several Lyme protocol at once in order to throw as many weapons as possible at Borrelia and Company.
In some ways, this makes sense. Since Lyme involves multiple infections and eradicating these is harder than trying to pull leeches from a leg, why shouldn’t we do everything in our power to get rid of the suckers?

Some LLMD’s advocate rotating protocol every few months or so, continually employing new strategies so that Bb and its pals don’t have any chance at developing resistence to the current protocol in use. This may be wise, but what about combining multiple therapies all at once? After all, most of us do, even knowing that they may contradict one another.
Especially when a protocol involves pharmaceutical or herbal antibiotics.

I learned the hard way that spirochetes can develop resistence to herbs after a period of time. After about six months, the spirally suckers went into hiding in my body’s tissues, where the herbs were unable to detect them. Once in cystic form, they became sheltered from the effects of my Rife machine, and even went undetected by IRT (Immune Response Training).

This isn’t to say that pharmaceutical and herbal antibiotics don’t have their uses. It’s just that, if you decide to treat with these, realize that Rife, salt/C, IRT, and others may be limited in their effectiveness if you are using one or more of the latter therapies at the same time. Realize, however, that amongst the Lyme community, this theory remains speculative.

Based on my research and experience, I believe that the following combinations of therapies listed below are effective, (without taking into consideration the limits of a Lymie’s ability to tolerate the herx reactions that accompany doing multiple therapies at once, as well as the ability to discern whether A,B or C protocol is most effective).

**Salt/C, Rifing and IRT work well together, because Borrelia cannot “hide” or develop resistence to any of these. Salt/C and IRT are thought to be able to eradicate Bb when it is in cystic form, though it may be more challenging or take longer than when the bacteria is in the bloodstream.

**IRT and herbal or pharmaceutical antibiotics don’t mix well, in my experience. One particularly potent herb I was taking, andrographis, effectively contained Bb or one of my infections so that it went undetected by IRT (despite IRT’s professed ability to detect Bb in cystic form. I’m not sure what happened, but once I stopped the herb, IRT was able to eradicate the bacteria).

**Rotating herbal and pharmaceutical antibiotics may be more beneficial than doing just one or the other by itself. This way, Bb is always caught off guard and cannot develop resistence to a particular drug or herb.

**Ozone and homeopathy go well with many therapies, including IRT and antibiotics.