Telling Your Truth To The World…Your Health May Depend Upon It

As I study the principles of Quantum Techniques, a bioenergetic therapy designed to heal all sorts of chronic illnesses, I am reminded that much of illness results, not from toxins or infections, but from a lack of healthy boundaries in relationships. (For more information on what boundaries are, have a look at Cloud and Townsend’s book series on the subject).

If you don’t have healthy boundaries, you will be suppressed in your ability to communicate Truth to yourself and/or to others. And whenever there is conflict between the inner and outer world, whenever what’s held on the inside doesn’t match what’s expressed on the outside, verbally or otherwise, the body will suffer under the burden of the lie, or the inconsistency that exists between thought and behavior.

The old adage, “Be true to yourself” has great merit. Living out of sync with who you are can wreak an earthquake of havoc on your internal world. In fact, some psychologists believe that most, if not all, people who suffer from chronic illness, have a history of serious boundary problems.

The founders of Quantum Techniques, Stephen and Beth Daniel, express it eloquently when they write that your inner Truth will be communicated, in one form or another. If Truth isn’t expressed through your behaviors and modes of communication, then the body will take charge and communicate your untold Truth through illness.

If, for example, when others ask things of you that you cannot give, and you don’t know how to say “No,” to these requests, your body may say “No” for you by coming down with a bout of the flu or by having a fit of chronic fatigue just at the right moment. In this regard, and as bizarre as it may seem, illness is just a way to protect the body, to do for you what you will not do for yourself.

Boundaries and Truth are immensely important. Without a healthy ability to express your thoughts, and especially your needs to others, the immune system will struggle mightily to help you recover from Lyme or whatever ails you. This is because the chronic stress of a lie on your internal world reverses proper energy flow, subsequently compromising healthy cellular behavior, and rendering therapies and remedies partially or completely, ineffective.

Don’t despair. None of us lives totally in accord with what we know to be true. We silence ourselves because we don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. We don’t say what we know to be right and true because we fear rejection, even though it means we will suffer more in the long haul. And we haven’t learned to believe in our heart of hearts that being loving means being honest with others, not pleasing to them, by showing or telling them what we think they need or want to hear.

Healing from a pattern of unhealthy boundaries may imply healing old wounds. It may require forgiving others, ceasing to base your self-worth upon others’ reactions to you, and learning to let go of the need for approval because God loves you no matter what. Finally, it means being willing to risk self-expression in the name of healing. In the end, not only will you love yourself more for doing this, but others will, too. And as a bonus, your body might heal, fully and completely.