If I Have To Do This Diet Another Day, I’m Gonna….

….Wait! Don’t jump! It’s not worth it. Honestly, this will all be over one day. Just think of those starving kids in Africa. Seriously. Have a look through a World Vision magazine and try to appreciate what’s on your plate. I know, you can only eat green vegetables and the occasional bean dish, but at least you get to eat every day. I know what you are feeling, because I too, turn into a jealous toad at the mere sight of my friends’ sumptuously sugary diets. But I know that the sacrifice is well-worth it.

Oh yeah? You say.
I know. It sucks. Despite your efforts to avoid the truffles and red wine and every condiment under the sun, despite the fact that you’ve eliminated all grains, dairy, legumes and fruit from your diet, you still relapse. All that struggle and discipline seems to be for nothing. Your reward is more fatigue, more pain, and you might as well eat a candy bar the size of a rhino.

Yes, and if you have to endure another day of this, you’re going to crack like an egg dropped from a ten-story building. I know, I’ve walked along that ledge, too….and I confess, I’ve jumped. Many times.

And when I break against the pavement, I shout, “Woo Hoo! The diet’s over and so is the battle against Lyme (for the time being). But who cares, bring out the champagne, strawberries and chocolate, because Man, it’s been too long and I really don’t give a flying fungus about whether I eat wild salmon or whipped potatoes! Speaking of fungus, the one in my liver is going to expand into all of my guts, Borrelia’s going to have some champagne with me and reproduce like never before, but heck, at least I don’t have to deprive myself any longer of this yummy stuff!”

Okay then, who am I to tell you to hang in there, that the stringent diet’s worth it?
Maybe you do have to cheat sometimes and suffer a setback.
On the other hand, if you’re able to remember those kids in Africa or just be grateful for being able to eat two foods, knowing you will reap the benefits of health down the road, then you might want to think twice about that lemon pie. Or even that high-glycemic carrot.

You see, I used to think that cheating on my diet every once in awhile was okay. Lately, however, I’m wondering if seldom would be a better strategy, because every time I ingest a food that’s toxic to my body, I know I’m suffering a setback whose effects are potentially greater than I previously imagined. Why? Well, I now know that entire energy treatments get erased by one little cheat, and muscle-testing indicates my infections have a multiplication-fest at the mere introduction of a marshmallow into my body.

Yes, I know, what about Lola Lymefree who ate whatever the dickens she liked and went into remission? Sorry guys, I think the Lola’s of the Lyme world are few. Go ahead, disagree with me. I don’t own anyone’s truth but my own, and even my own is subject to revision.

Just don’t jump off the diet… tell yourself you’ll do it for a day, then a week, then a month, and then watch…perhaps you’ll notice some small changes that make the effort worth it. Persevere, or pray for another way that won’t make you crazy. Or, if you must be liberated from the tedium of discipline, jump, and then allow the cheat to strengthen your resolve.