2008, The Year of Health!

May this be a great year for healing in the Lyme disease world!

I have the feeling that we are off to a good start, as new information on Lyme disease and treatments is soon to be published, including a new book by Dr. J. Schaller entitled, The 15 Reasons Tick and Flea-Illness Treatment Fails. A prolific writer, Schaller has other books soon to be released, including one on bartonella. Also, you might want to have a look at my book, The Lyme Disease Survival Guide; Physical, Lifestyle and Emotional Strategies for Healing, with a Dash of Humor to Lighten Your Load, which is anticipated to be published sometime during the first part of the year. Finally, check out B. Rosner’s recently released The 2008 Lyme Disease Annual Report, containing updates and timely news on new treatments and other issues related to Lyme disease.

I feel that as knowledge of this illness spreads, the movement to obtain answers about how to fight it is gaining momentum. Thank God for small miracles. We need all the help we can get, as Lyme disease is spreading faster than a California wildfire. May this be the year that we tell the world about what’s happening to us! Telling your personal story to others might feel like inviting another to peruse your medicine cabinet, but can be so helpful for bringing awareness to others about an infection that has likely affected more than a quarter of the population in the United States.

Just recently I viewed a video on Bryan Rosner’s new blog, www.lymevideoblog.com, which featured a family of five with Lyme disease. In this news brief, the reporter mentioned that Lyme disease cases are up 50% in Massachusetts over last year! (And that’s just the known ones). So your friends don’t think this is an epidemic? Give them that little statistic and encourage them to chew on it.

May you be blessed in your healing journey in 2008 as you bless others with what Lyme disease teaches you each and every day.