More Ways To Save Money When You Are Broke

Many of us Lyme disease sufferers are low on the dough. An inability to work, coupled by the fact that most Lyme disease protocol aren’t covered by health insurance, leaves us scraping, pinching and making the most out of every penny we have. But it’s amazing how resourceful we become when we are poor, isn’t it?

If you are like me, you’ve stressed over how to pay your electricity bill or your next Lyme disease treatment. I’m not a genius when it comes to making the most out of my sterling, but I do have a few ideas that might help you.

First, how about living in a small, energy-efficient apartment? This can save you money on your heating and air-conditioning bills. Energy nowadays is pricey, so moving out of that large house or apartment whose old heater wastes energy can save you big bucks.

Next, do you really need a 2,000-minute cell phone plan? How about connecting your computer to Skype, a free internet software program, to communicate with others? If you can get your friends to join, with the help of a headset, you can talk over your computer, Skype user to Skype user, for FREE. Then get a cell phone plan with low minutes, for those friends and family members who don’t have access to Skype.

Now, as for grocery shopping…buy what’s on sale! You’d be surprised at how much money you can save this way. Forget the impulse expenditures; that cool pesto or pricey Odwalla fruit juice. Sign up with a discount price warehouse such as Costco, and get expensive items such as olive oil in bulk. Some of these places even sell organic food, and while its quality may be more questionable than organic food from your local farmer, chances are, it’s still better than settling for the pesticide-laden stuff at the supermarket.

How about Lyme disease treatments? Costs can really rack up in this area, and it’s often difficult to determine what our cells are really clamoring for. Try reducing the spendy supplements to only the most essential; fish oil, a multi-vitamin, multi-mineral, enzymes and perhaps a probiotic. Finding food sources of these, wherever possible, can also help. Make yogurt or kefir, to replace your probiotic, for instance, and ensure that your diet is high in fresh, organic vegetables, to make up for any lost nutrients.

Next, stick to Lyme disease protocol that don’t cost much; salt/C or MMS, for example. Don’t be tempted to chase after every latest and greatest supplement. You can kill the bugs with salt/C, a used Rife machine, MMS, or colloidal silver (if you purchase a generator, which is a one-time investment, this product can be cheaply made); detoxify using only one or two toxin-binders, as well as vegetable juice and coffee enemas, and support the body with the supplements mentioned above. This will allow you a fairly inexpensive, and complete, protocol.

While you are whiling away your time on the sofa or in bed, look for cheap sources of entertainment. Borrow movies from friends, visit the library for your books, or visit You Tube: (if you have a computer) to listen to that new song or watch brief documentaries. I have found myself being entertained for hours by the videos posted on You Tube.

Take the bus, walk or ride your bike to get from point A to point B, if you live in a city. This is generally cheaper than driving, and will give you some good exercise on top it.
Live close to the places you most often visit, whether the mall, supermarket or work.

Get a roommate, who will be respectful of your needs for space and quiet. This can be a challenge, but well-worth the effort to save some much-needed dollars.

Finally, if you need financial help, don’t be shy about asking others. In The United States of America, we are taught to be proud and to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. But this is a rediculous notion. People were created to be interdependent. At least I think so, because my god says to feed the poor and clothe the naked. There’s no shame in being poor and naked. It happens to the most successful of us. So find a church or an on-line organization dedicated to providing for those who cannot provide for themselves. Ask on-line support groups for assistance. Even though many on these groups are ill and impoverished themselves, they may have more sympathy for you than the rich soul who has no idea of the hardship you suffer. (I have found it to be true that those who have fewer financial resources are often more generous than the wealthy). And finally, pray. If you believe in a sovereign god who can work miracles, then pray for provision. It may come in the most unexpected of places.