A Different, More Effective Way To Use A Doug Machine?

A little Doug-building bird shared some intriguing information with me the other day, which has changed the way I understand using Rife machine therapy for Lyme disease. It also left me wondering if I would have experienced greater healing with my Doug machine had I approached the treatments differently.

I used my Doug, a high-powered Rife machine with the greatest track record for treating Lyme disease, for a year a half, diligently performing sessions twice per week while running a multitude of frequencies for three and a half minutes each. As prescribed by the Rife folk, and ensuring that I went through every single frequency on the CAFL (Consolidated Annotated Frequency List) for Lyme, babesia, mycoplasma, and a host of others.

My sweet, hot-coiled machine often gave me depression and other herxheimer reactions, but I didn’t improve substantially with it. This didn’t surprise me, really; no one single Lyme disease treatment works for everyone, so I didn’t think much of it.

Until yesterday when I spoke to the little bird, a man who has made and sold over 70 Doug machines. He asserted that every single one of those for whom he has made a machine has experienced significant healing. And so far, thirteen of those people have attained remission. Let me repeat that: THIRTEEN ARE IN REMISSION. Whoa. What’s going on here? Why have I not heard more stories like this? Is Doug really THAT good? After all, it didn’t work any miracles for me. I didn’t get the impression that he was telling me a story to sell me a machine, either. He already knows I have a machine.

So if what he told me is true, then why isn’t the whole Lyme world running out to buy a Doug? According to the builder, whose education encompasses knowledge of a number of scientific disciplines, the reason why not all people find healing with the Doug is because they don’t run frequencies on the machine long enough to kill the spirochetes.

It’s pretty standard to run frequencies for only 3.5 minutes. Everybody does this. Even the banks on the generator of the Perl machine, that $5,000 piece of stellar equipment from Canada, is programmed to run frequencies at 3.5 minutes each.

But, according to my scientific friend, some people need six, seven, or even more minutes per frequency, before they will kill the critters and thereby experience a herx reaction.

He also believes that running multiple frequencies at once is counter-productive to healing, because you can never know which variables, that is, which frequencies, are beneficial, and which aren’t. While it would seem that finding appropriate frequencies takes longer if you run only one or two per session, it is also true that you can never know which ones are beneficial if you do tons at a time, as most of us do.

In any case, the Doug builder I met claims to have achieved 99% healing from his own case of Lyme disease by running only one frequency, 432, for fifteen minutes, every week, over a period of many months.

He further noted that running the frequencies at 12 amps isn’t always sufficient to kill borrelia; most often, you need to get to 15. And you need to perform sessions at least once a week, perhaps twice. Less than that and the bacteria reproduce too quickly. He quoted me some insane reproduction rate of borrelia– numbering into the millions every couple of weeks. I don’t know how he knows this, but if he’s right, then a Rife session once or twice per month would definitely be insufficient for ridding oneself of the infection.

So what should those of us who are using Rife machine therapy do? Should we attempt longer, and perhaps more frequent sessions with our Rife machines? I would say perhaps so. But if you’re going to go for six or seven minutes per frequency, then ramp up slowly. Start with 30 seconds and add a minute per session, until you know how much of a herx you’ll experience. You might even go a bit higher if you don’t get results from seven minutes. Just remember, some people have herxed for days from a 30-second session on a Doug. You need to be careful about how you use this powerful machine.

Finally, if you try a more common frequency for Lyme disease at seven minutes; say, 432, and don’t see any results, then you might try Rifing for co-infections, as these may be bigger players in your symptom picture than borrelia, and the reason why Rifing for borrelia has provided only minimal benefit to you.