We Need New Babesia Treatments!

I have some news for you, my dear Lyme friends. Traditional pharmaceutical and antibiotic regimens that are typically prescribed for babesia are failing to eradicate the infection in most Lyme disease sufferers.

According to Dr. Horowitz, a Lyme-literate MD who has treated over 10,000 Lyme disease patients, the current regimens need improving. That patients “are getting better” just isn’t good enough. (And just how nebulous is the term “getting better”, anyway?). No, we need to be seeking out solutions that will provide cures.


Well, according to Dr. Horowitz, artemisia, the wonder anti-parasitic herb, has not been curative, in most cases. He suggests that doses of 800 mg daily (which is higher than those typically prescribed for daily dosing) may be more helpful, but physicians are concerned that these doses may cause neurological side effects.

The antibiotic Mepron is too expensive, and doesn’t always eradicate the organism. Dr. Horowitz suggests Malone, as a less-expensive substitute.

Enula has shown to be useful for four different types of parasites, and may therefore be another potential remedy, as may the herb cryptoleptis. Neither of these has been tested extensively in Lyme patients; however, Dr. Horowitz believes that a more beneficial (perhaps even curative?) protocol may be formulated by combining these herbs with pharmaceutical antibiotics.

Personally, I wonder if anything can kill babesia. Some believe MMS to be the babesia wonder drug, but I have taken MMS for three months (and at times, doses of 30 drops a day for three to six days around the full moon), and I still test positive for the infection. Perhaps higher, and more prolonged, doses are needed. I don’t know.

What I do know is that this organism, like its counterparts borrelia and bartonella, is tenacious, virulent and difficult to eradicate, and no ingestant may be powerful enough to eliminate it, without harm being done to the body.

So what about focusing upon strategies that will instead repel the organism, and strengthen the immune system, rather than throwing anti-babesia bombs at the bug in the hopes that we can destroy it?

As I mentioned recently in a blog post, strategies found in bio-energetic medicine, such as LED (Laser Energetic Detoxification therapy), homeopathy, bioresonance, Immune Response Training, and Quantum Techniques, focus upon harnessing the body’s (and the organisms’)energies to empower the immune system to eradicate and repel pathogens. This approach may be more effective than trying to kill the infections with a biochemical substance, partly because energy medicine strategies tend to address infection in the entire body, thereby leaving less opportunity for any bugs to get “left behind.”

What’s more, energy medicine treatments are gentler than pharmaceutical or herbal antibiotics (that has been my experience, anyway), because the body is able to eliminate toxins at a pace that it can afford, and because fewer neurotoxins are generated when the organisms are “repelled” instead of directly killed by antibiotics.

I don’t know. The latter is purely speculation on my part, but I’m fast learning that when it comes to Lyme disease, even the best of the best must speculate to some degree. This is the “nobody knows” disease, and we might as well get used to it!

I am encouraged by the fact that energy medicine is advancing and rapidly gaining in popularity, however. This means that new, improved strategies against babesia and other Lyme infections will continue to be developed. At the same time, as we learn more about new, effective herbal and pharmaceutical combinations, better strategies may be devised in traditional medicine, as well.

I’m not discounting Dr. Horowitz’ solutions; indeed, he is a wise physician with many years of experience in treating Lyme disease patients. But even he believes that we need something better for babesia. And while that something better may be found through new herbal-antibiotic combination remedies, perhaps it’s also wise to keep our minds open to the best of what is, and what will be developed, in bio-energetic and other forms of natural medicine.