Following The Healing Progress Of Those Doing The Bionic 880

For anyone who is curious about whether the Bionic 880 is working for the treatment of Lyme disease, I invite you to visit the following blogs, where four Lyme sufferers from the United States are currently receiving treatment in Germany with the device, and writing about their experiences as they go along.

How well the Bionic 880 cures chronic Lyme, and especially when a sufferer is co-infected (which is just about always in the United States), remains up for debate. But so far, many people are getting positive results, and reading about these four peoples’ experiences in Germany may help you to decide whether or not it is a treatment worth pursuing. You can also visit Lyme Net, an on-line Lyme disease support group, where the experiences of others who have received treatment with the Bionic 880 are discussed.

To learn more about the Bionic 880, do a search on my blog under “Bionic 880.” Or better yet, go to Google!

Blogs to check out: