Puricell For The Critters That Hide

The other day, I strolled over to Precision Herbs, LLC, http://www.precisionherbs.com, where I stumbled upon a product called Puricell. The naturopath who created this product, Dr. Overman, developed Puricell to improve the body’s ability to eliminate infections, by creating a remedy that breaks open host cells containing invaders such as viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas and others. When such cells are broken, the invaders get exposed to body’s immune system for destruction.

One Lyme disease sufferer I know was prescribed Puricell by his physician, and believes that the product helped him to recover, by breaking open cells containing borrelia cysts.

The idea that there exists a product that can get to the critters deep inside the cells is exciting. Personally, I would consider trying it before resorting to a harsh cyst-busting drug like metronidazole, especially since the ingredients from which Puricell is made are all-natural.

Puricell comes in two forms. The first is a liquid, which contains grain alcohol, banana peel, Miracle II Neutralizer and pomegranate fruit. The second is a capsule, containing olive leaf, pomegranate fruit, banana peel, and L-lysine.

Why the composition of the two formulas is different, I don’t know. That both contain pomegranate and banana peel, however, fascinates me, because I don’t typically consider fruit to be so powerfully medicinal. At least, I don’t envision cells getting busted and bugs blasted from a banana-peel-pomegranate smoothie.
(Okay, so I don’t really think that you can get rid of Lyme cysts with fruit but when combined with other substances, they seem to be powerful for helping the body to eliminate infections).

If you or anyone has used Puricell, please let me know! I would love to get more information on the effectiveness of this product for treating chronic Lyme disease.