Herxing on Easter Sunday in Germany

Easter Sunday this year was paradoxical. While I immensely enjoyed spending the holiday in a foreign country with two other friends who have Lyme, and appreciated the opportunity to attend a German-speaking church (even though I didn’t understand a word) and gorge on some delicious German pancakes, ironically, I didn’t get to enjoy all of this without some yucky symptoms thrown in for good measure. The friends who went with me to church had some of that yuck going on, too. As Troy rubbed his aching neck during the church service, I squirmed in my seat from back pain and breathing problems and I think Connie was weary, too. But I figured that if I had to feel bad on Easter, then I might as well do it with friends and try to have some fun!

Mrs. Klein, the guesthouse owner, topped off our unique Easter experience with chocolate rabbits, which she left outside of our rooms! (above).

I don’t have much more to say about this treatment yet. I think I am finally starting to successfully wean off of my supplements and medications, but haven’t noticed any striking changes with the biophotons yet. I did walk for two hours today without my D-ribose though, and with the exception of back pain, am feeling the best I have felt since trying to let go off all of my “crutches.”