Week Two in Germany with the Bionic 880

I’ve been in Germany now for two weeks and four treatments with the Bionic 880. Like my fellow Lyme companions who are here with me and who have completed 4-6 treatments, some of my symptoms have worsened, and a few have improved. Regardless, though, I can tell that change is afoot in my body. Actually, I mostly feel a little bit worse overall, and I’m not sure how much of it is due to supplement withdrawal, and how much of it is due to herxheimer reactions.

My back pain has intensified so much that last night I actually took a narcotic for the first time in my life, and today I can hardly stand to sit in front of my computer, but I still think that this pain, as per Dr. Woitzel as well as a neurosurgeon and osteopath in Costa Rica, is the result of a structural defect and not Lyme, especially since all of my fellow Lyme companions here have reported improvements in their pain by the fourth treatment. So I’m finally going to get serious about doing exercises, since I’ve been told a million times that this will help but I’ve stubbornly wanted to find another way. Well, no more.

My postural orthostatic imbalances continue, but seem to be getting better, and I am now completely off of my anti-depressant and melatonin and still feeling relatively sane. I’m not sleeping as well as I did when I took the melatonin, but the fact that I can even sleep without taking something is a miracle.

Because I have stopped taking my oh-so-powerful, super-sonic D-ribose, it has been difficult for me to assess changes in my energy as a result of the biophotons, but I surmise that I have more energy than had I not received the treatments and taken D-ribose. Also, my energy feels a little more constant, and I don’t find myself “crashing” as much in the late afternoon.

Interestingly enough, my friend Troy, who has always been more functional than I, has herxed much harder from the treatments, so much that he’s barely been able to get out and about here in Germany. It just goes to show that infection load doesn’t necessarily correspond to one’s level of functionality, I think. And I still don’t think that borrelia is primary for me.

This past week, Connie, Troy and I visited a homeopathic lab in Baden Baden and picked out forty different nosodes for infections and conditions that we suspect could be other factors in our illnesses, and which Dr. Woitzel has agreed to test us for. Troy has generously donated the nosodes to Dr. Woitzel for use in other patients who come to his office to get tested for other infections and conditions.

Yesterday, Troy, Lynn and I returned to Baden Baden to attend an exposition where a multitude of holistic health care products and services were represented. It was a Lyme Disease sufferer’s Disneyland, with lots of homeopathic remedies, health foods, fun energetic and other devices that we tasted, sampled and tried out. We especially loved the infrared massage beds, acupuncture pain gadgets and free food samples!
Not to mention all that we learned about the Bionic 880 from Henry, (who sells the device to patients and practitioners), as well as from a brilliant, compassionate health care practitioner from Hamburg, who also uses the device in her practice. This practitioner was fluent in English and more than willing to share her knowledge and experience with the Bionic 880, so we took advantage of the opportunity to pick her brain and learn all that we could about using the device for subsequent treatment of infections and other conditions.

While the Bionic 880 has been touted for its effects upon mood and hormones, as well as infections, I don’t think that it can make up for neurotransmitter and hormone deficiencies, and for that reason, may be limited in its effects upon the neurological, neuroendocrine and related systems. My hypothesis about this was solidified when the practitioner from Hamburg said that concurrently treating the adrenals and thyroid with supplements while doing Bionic 880 treatment is sometimes necessary if patients are to fully recover, especially if patients’ adrenal insufficiency is severe. She also believes in supplementing with nutrients while receiving Bionic 880 treatments, stating that the immune system needs all the help that it can get in order to beat the infections.

This is in contrast to Dr. Woitzel’s philosophy, which is that taking non-essential supplements during treatments causes the body to re-regulate the metabolism, taking into account the effects of the supplements, so that (as I understand it) the body becomes dependent upon these. The practitioner in Hamburg has been treating Lyme with the Bionic 880 for a couple of years, while Dr. Woitzel has nine years of experience with the device, so on the one hand, I’m inclined to go with Dr. Woitzel’s philosophy. But the Hamburg practitioner’s strategy also makes sense to me and in my conversation with her, I sensed that she was quite brilliant.

Like Dr. Woitzel, however, she believes without question that the Bionic 880 is far superior to antibiotics for the treatment of infections, and fortunately, she has had experience with using both for the treatment of Lyme.

One interesting tidbit of information that I picked up from her was that those of us who use the Bionic 880 can partially safeguard against EMF’s affecting our treatments by making a collar with aluminum foil and placing it around the neck so that it covers the thymus and thyroid whenever we use the computer or are around EMF devices.

So far, my experience here in Germany has left me with the impression that the Bionic 880 is most effective for infections, but probably cannot address all aspects of chronic illness and that other treatments may yet be necessary, especially when it comes to making up for deficiencies in the body. It can, however, do some remarkable things, including balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, hormones, neurotransmitters, and immune responses.

With every day that I spend here in Germany, I find my mind going a million miles an hour with a multitude of thoughts and activities; the amazing experience of being in another country alongside other Lyme disease sufferers; the challenge of trying to sort out treatment issues, deal with treatment reactions, write a book, do a blog, and make a plan for healing and work once I return to the United States and Costa Rica. I’m trying to keep my brain in Germany but indeed, sometimes I find it spilling over into Costa Rica and the United States, since the decisions and experiences that I have here will affect my life once I return home.

No, I don’t think I’ll be returning home feeling 100% better, as I know some of my friends and family members who are reading this might expect, but before you all think I’m out of my mind for blowing all of my savings on this treatment, you should know that most of us who come here have multiple infections to treat, and each requires at least a month to treat, with another month in between each one so that the body can process the treatments. And while this treatment probably isn’t a “cure all” for the multiple dysfunctions found in chronic illness, it sure as heck seems like it will solve the important issue of infections, along with perhaps other things.

I am yet hopeful and optimistic, and excited to see what it has done, and continues to do for others.