Updates, updates

Compared to the first two years of this blog, in which I posted on a weekly and often bi-weekly basis, this year, I have posted infrequently, due mostly to having to dedicate all of my writing energies to a new Lyme disease book. I had expected to be absent from this blog two, perhaps three months, but the Lyme book has sucked me into its vortex since the beginning of this year.

For those who enjoy reading my posts, I apologize for disappearing down the rabbit hole, but if you end up reading my next book, I think you’ll find the time that I sacrificed away from this blog to be well worth it.

This is a unique book that will provide fresh, relevant information and insights into the treatment of Lyme disease. Even being an avid researcher myself, I found myself thinking during the writing of the book, “I wish I had had this information five years ago when I was just starting out on my healing journey!”

So it’s my hope that it will become one of the best resources out there for helping others to deal with this devastating disease.

It’s been an immense project, but I will be finished with the writing part of it this week, God willing. What’s the book about? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough! My publisher and I expect it to be out within the next few months, and soon, I will be able to write more about it.

There has been another reason for my absence from this blog.

Lately, I feel as though I have been so stuffed full of the “L” word, that after I have completed my writing and treatments for the day, the last thing that I want to do is go to my blog and fill my brain with more thoughts of “L”.

Seriously, I’m getting Lyme disease indigestion, and my life needs to be about something else.

I suspect that I will post again more frequently once the new Lyme disease book is out and about and my brain and body have had a vacation from the “L” word. Too much “L” just isn’t good for the soul but now that I have produced another book, I might have more to say about this topic than ever before, since the research process has led me to new conclusions about getting over this disease.

Oh and, for those of you who are wondering about my progress with the Bionic 880 treatments, my symptoms have improved since the last time I posted here. (see previous posts for a description of this treatment). April and May were difficult months, as my body processed borrelia and other neurotoxins, but I seem to be feeling better and better every day. If I still didn’t have excruciating pain in my hip and lower back, I think I would actually be feeling quite marvelous right now. My energy is good, my sleep has improved, my thinking is clear (when I don’t do treatments, anyway!), my stamina is decent, and even my POTS is getting better. I feel quite certain that the pain in my hip and back isn’t due to Lyme infections, but rather, to a severe structural misalignment that may or may not be related to damage that Lyme has done to my body. I’m still seeking solutions for this symptom but nothing has been beneficial so far.

So do I think the Bionic 880 works for the treatment of Lyme disease? It’s too early for me to give a definitive opinion one way or the other, but my experience so far has been telling me that yes, it does. But again, healing from Lyme isn’t just about getting rid of infections and I strongly believe that in order for this, or any other antimicrobial treatment to be effective, it’s important to support the body functionally and in its detoxification processes as well, using different adjunct treatments.

After leaving Germany, and while still living in Costa Rica, I continued to receive intravenous detoxification cocktails after my treatments. I now do a glutathione fast push and take homeopathic detoxification remedies after my treatments, which seems to be sufficient for getting rid of the neurotoxins (along with other types of detoxification, such as saunas, chlorella, coffee enemas, and mild exercise). Apparently, the five IV’s that I did after leaving Germany were sufficient to knock down my infectious load enough so that I can now get by with a less intensive detoxification regimen.

More to come…I wish you all well in your continued journey towards health!