Now Available! “Healing Chronic Illness: By His Spirit, Through His Resources”

Early this year, I took a bit of a detour in writing and blogging about Lyme disease, and instead focused my energies upon a new topic-supernatural and spiritual healing. As I began writing a book on this subject, a little voice in my head protested, “Who do you think you are? Who died and made you an authority on this kind of healing?” After all, I’m not a priest. I’m not a saint. I don’t have all my ducks in a row. I haven’t healed thousands of people supernaturally, but… after awhile, I realized that I was definitely led to do this.

Because, in my eight-year desperate pursuit of God, I have been led to a definitive knowledge of the reality that God heals-in body, mind and spirit- both through medicine and supernaturally. This pursuit has taken me through dozens of books on faith and mind-body healing, the Bible, as well as to churches, conferences and workshops on healing, across the United States and even overseas. It is a work that has been borne out of years of suffering, countless hours of face-to-the carpet prayers, and endless days and nights studying and learning about healing and the living, loving God who has become as real to me as my right hand.

It may be the most important book that I have written so far. It may be the most important book I ever write, although I suspect that, as long as I continue to pursue God, the revelation knowledge that I receive about Him will only increase, leading to perhaps even greater works down the road.

For the time being, I believe that God will use this one to change lives, and to bring healing and hope to those who thus far have not had much. I believe it will be a source of light to those who have been frustrated by medicine, or who have been on a treatment treadmill for years and experienced little progress in their healing.

Because supernatural, spiritual and faith healing are controversial subjects, I suspect that it will also draw criticism. It’s a radical departure from the medical writing that I have done up until now, and yet my knowledge of medicine adds a profound, insightful and balanced dimension to the book that I believe many will appreciate.

It’s not an easy book for me to put out there. My guts are splayed about its pages but God somehow convinced me that it would be the only way to pack a powerful punch into its messages. Revealing my struggles was a necessary evil in order to bring about an even more vital good to a sad, scared, hopeless humanity and a group of people struggling to survive one of the most insidious diseases we face today-Lyme disease.

But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself:

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