My New Book: “Defeat Cancer: 15 Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How”

While this blog focuses upon Lyme disease and chronic illness related to Lyme, in this post, I will be discussing my latest book on cancer – available from – because I know a few Lyme disease sufferers who are battling, or who have also battled, cancer. I also believe that it’s important for anyone who suffers from Lyme and other chronic illnesses to be informed about how to prevent and/or treat cancer with holistic methods. This is because most of the chronically ill suffer from what I like to call “the three ‘I’s'”: Insulin resistance, Infection and Inflammation, all of which place them at higher risk for developing cancer.

Not to be feared, however, cancer can be often be successfully prevented and/or managed with holistic medicine. At first, I was wary about writing a book on cancer, because it seemed like a depressing subject and frankly, I wasn’t sure I wanted to immerse myself in thoughts about the dreaded disease. Yet as I proceeded with my research for the book, I learned that cancer doesn’t have to be a terminal illness, and that often, it can be managed for years, like a chronic illness. As I interviewed doctors for the book, I was encouraged by what I learned, and my fears about cancer dissipated.

As a result of my research, I now believe that it’s essential for anyone with chronic illness to be educated about how to prevent and treat cancer with holistic medicine, especially since currently, one in three people in our society is developing cancer, and soon, that figure will be one in two. We need to be educated about this disease. Like many chronic illnesses, cancer is usually the result of living in a toxic environment, and knowing how to eliminate those toxins is crucial for preventing it. While the book focuses upon cancer treatment, readers will also gain insights into how to prevent cancer, so I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about the subject, whether they have cancer or not.

Below is more information on the book, which is taken from a recent press release.

Also, you can read a free sample chapter on the book’s website:

Press Release

Defeat Cancer: Fifteen Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How

SUMMARY PARAGRAPH: A new book on integrative cancer treatment reveals the treatment strategies of 15 cancer doctors from 5 countries. Entitled, Defeat Cancer: Fifteen Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How, the book will help cancer patients to more efficiently research their treatment options. Click to read a free sample chapter.

15 Cancer Doctors from 5 Countries Reveal Effective Integrative Treatments in New Book

South Lake Tahoe, California, May 10, 2011—For cancer patients, the daunting challenge of choosing the best treatment methodology has just been made easier by the publication of a new book, entitled, Defeat Cancer: Fifteen Doctors of Integrative and Naturopathic Medicine Tell You How. Written by health care journalist Connie Strasheim, the book is based on interviews with fifteen cancer doctors from five countries, and provides cutting-edge information on some of the most effective cancer treatments in integrative and naturopathic medicine. It was written for both patients and health care practitioners. Visit to read a free sample chapter.

Sorting through the dozens of available treatments in conventional and alternative medicine was the problem that author and journalist Connie Strasheim set out to solve when she teamed up with internationally-known publisher, BioMed Publishing Group, to write the book.

“I knew that cancer doctors who practice integrative medicine, and who have a good track record in helping patients, even those with late-stage cancers, to live for years beyond their original diagnoses, would have the most helpful insights into which therapies were giving people the best results, so this immediately seemed like it would be a valuable project,” Ms. Strasheim said of her decision to work on the book. “I also knew that for a cancer patient to actually find and interview a significant number of these doctors would be both impractical and expensive, requiring travel across the world and thousands of dollars in plane tickets, hotel rooms, and doctor’s appointment fees. Conducting intensive interviews with fifteen doctors from five countries was a lot of work, but the information it generated was incredibly useful.”

Despite more than $250 billion spent on cancer research over the past sixty years, the cure rate attained by conventional medicine hasn’t significantly improved since 1950.

Doctors who treat cancer with integrative medicine (“integrative” simply means the combination of conventional and alternative therapies) have had more favorable results in many cases, as evidenced by the outcomes reported in the book, as well as the testimonials of the hundreds or thousands of patients they have treated. Some of the doctors have claimed success rates upwards of 50 percent in treating terminal cancers, where “success” is defined as patients either attaining remission or living well with their cancers for years. Yet, many of the most beneficial integrative treatments are not well-known to the public due to the influence of medical politics, insurance companies, and pharmaceutical interests.

The fifteen physician interviewees selected for the book include medical doctors, osteopaths, and naturopaths who treat cancer either exclusively or as a major part of their practice. They have been trained in a variety of medical disciplines including, but not limited to, allopathic (conventional), naturopathic, homeopathic, biological, and Traditional Chinese medicine. All use proven solutions for managing and healing people with late-stage cancers of many types.

Physician Interviewees:

Stanislaw Burzynski, MD, PhD—Houston, Texas
Robert Zieve, MD—Prescott, Arizona
Nicholas Gonzalez, MD—New York, New York
Finn Scott Anderson, MD—Humlebæk, Denmark
Juergen Winkler, MD—Oceanside, California
Elio Rivera-Celaya, MD and his assistant Steven Hines—Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico
Colleen Huber, ND—Tempe, Arizona
Robert Eslinger, DO—Reno, Nevada
Martin Dayton, DO—Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Nina Reis, MD—Bad Mergentheim, Germany
Julian Kenyon, MD—London, England
Constantine Kotsanis, MD—Grapevine, Texas
Joe Brown, ND—Tempe, Arizona
Keith Scott-Mumby, MD—Reno, Nevada
Chad Aschtgen, ND—Seattle, Washington

Each of the book’s 15 chapters is devoted to the treatment approach of a particular doctor, and covers the following topics:

1) Anti-neoplastic (anti-cancer) treatments targeted at lowering or eliminating cancer cells and tumors. These include everything from IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy) and gene-targeted therapies, to metronomic chemotherapy, mistletoe, high-dose Vitamin C, sono and photodynamic therapy, dendritic cell vaccines, and intravenous nutrients. The doctors also answer the question, “What is cancer and what causes it?”

2) How to support and heal the body during and after cancer treatments. Included is information on diet, detoxification, vitamin and herbal supplements, hormone therapies, homeopathic remedies, allergy treatments, exercise and other physical therapies, as well as additional supportive treatments.

3) Factors that affect healing, including finances, lifestyle habits, psycho-emotional stress, past treatments, and co-morbid conditions. Tips are provided for patients with limited financial resources.

4) How to prevent cancer in the first place, and/or keep it from returning once patients are in remission or successfully managing their cancers.

5) Why medical politics have limited people’s access to effective treatments, and why knowing this is essential when searching for a cancer doctor.

6) Dangerous and/or ineffective approaches to cancer treatment.

7) Suggestions for how family and friends can help their loved ones with cancer.

8) The treatment outcomes that the doctors have with their patients.

9) Patient and practitioner challenges to healing and how to overcome them.

10 How to heal past trauma and psycho-emotional problems that contribute to disease.

Author Connie Strasheim believes that the end result of nearly a year of work on the book project will help cancer patients to better understand their options. “The book puts difficult-to-find, practical treatment information in one place. It is ideal for people who have just started researching their treatment options because it translates complex medical concepts into clear, down-to-earth language that most anyone can understand. But it will also be useful to seasoned researchers who have knowledge of many therapies, because it includes the nuanced expertise of real doctors who operate in a real clinical environment. If one of my family members or friends were diagnosed with cancer, I would want them to have access to this kind of information.”

The paperback book contains 443 pages and retails for $39.95. It is available from or directly from the publisher at, or by calling (530) 573-0190. Readers can visit the website to browse over 50 pages of sample content.

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