Bob S

“It’s always such a delight for me to tell my testimony, and I do it whenever possible, so that people know how good God is, and that His will is to heal everyone. In 2007, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and I was so down because I was so ill. I sought treatment from medical doctors, naturopaths, Chinese medical doctors and even oncologists. By 2010, I was very sick and expecting to die soon. I went to Costa Rica to be alone because I was so depressed. Around that time, I called in to Connie’s prayer conference line because I had been reading up on healing prayer and did believe it was God’s will to heal. Connie prayed for me during the call and I remember that she had words of knowledge about me. She spoke things that she didn’t know about me. I got very emotional as a result, and felt tingling in my skin, and it was like my hair was standing up on end! At that moment, I was sure I was healed, because I felt different. In the days that followed, my energy came back and I was different. Greatly encouraged, I went to my naturopathic doctor and had my blood sent for testing to confirm (that I had been healed). The test came back negative for Lyme disease. It has been 4 years since I received that prayer and my health is awesome! Gradually, all of the damage from Lyme disease was healed. I have no ailments, take no medications, and see no doctors. Thank you so much for being available to be used by God for my healing, Connie! I owe my life to God and now always look for ways to help Him.”

-Bob S., Yakima, WA