What If Jesus Asked You, “What have you done with your life to show me?”

I’m reading an amazing book called Imagine Heaven, in which people relate their near death experiences and subsequent visitations to Heaven. The visitations are strikingly similar, and people often meet Jesus and their loved ones in this glorious place. More than half recall a life review, whereby they see the events of their lives instantaneously replayed before them.

Then Jesus will ask them the following question, “What have you done with your life to show me?”

The question is non-judgmental and filled with love, but causes the people to reflect upon how they have spent their days on earth. Many were surprised to find that their achievements, promotions, and things that they deemed important on earth, meant little to God in their life review. Instead, what counted was how well they loved others with His love – seemingly little words and actions were often most important. “Love your neighbor as yourself…”

It made me think, I don’t want to do anything in this life that won’t count in Heaven – and to reflect upon what it means to truly serve Him, and others, while I’m here. How about you? In any case, I highly recommend Imagine Heaven – it is a fantastic, encouraging, and uplifting read!