My Expertise

Bringing Hope and Healing

Health and Wellness Author/Ghostwriter

Over the past 15 years, I have collaborated with dozens of leading integrative medical doctors and other health professionals to write over 20 health and wellness books. Topics I have written about include: Lyme disease, cancer, nutrition, chronic fatigue syndrome, environmental illness, mental health, sleep and spiritual wellness.

While the focus of my books and the books that I have ghostwritten for others has typically been upon healing the body with natural and integrative medicine, I have also written or collaborated on books that provide solutions for restoring the spirit, soul and body through a relationship with God.

Most of my recent ghostwritten or personal books have received an average of 4.5-5 star ratings on Amazon. I have worked with large trade publishers such as Da Capo Lifelong Books as well as small and independent presses. Two of my own books, as well as several that I have ghostwritten for others, have sold many thousands of copies.

If you have a vision to see others restored, healed and made whole and you need a ghostwriter for your upcoming project, please send me a message! I’d love to hear from you, to see how I might help you to make your vision become a reality. Email:


Over the years, and since my own diagnosis of Lyme disease/environmental illness in 2004, God has shown me that He doesn’t just heal through medicine, but also supernaturally, through relationship with Him and His Word. What’s more, I believe His desire is for everyone to be made whole- in spirit, soul and body, and He is willing and able to heal all who come to Him! Therefore, my greatest passion has become to share the love of God with others and bring healing to the soul and body through divine healing prayer.

Since 2010, I have periodically maintained a nationwide prayer conference call group, for those who are too sick to leave home to receive prayer elsewhere, and have witnessed many people healed, uplifted, encouraged and strengthened as a result of this ministry. In addition, I conduct one-on-one healing prayer and ministry sessions, over the phone as well as in person. For more information, please email me at:

Finally, I provide health coaching to those who need direction in their wellness journey; whether that means better medicinal and lifestyle strategies, dietary recommendations, or help in overcoming difficult circumstances that keep them “stuck” in disease. My areas of expertise include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tools for developing a deeper relationship with God and His Word as the foundation and cornerstone of healing: spiritual, emotional and physical
  • Strategies for healing the soul from trauma. These include inner healing prayer, deliverance from demonic oppression (through prayer) and counseling
  • Supernatural solutions for living in a toxic world
  • Spirit-led neural re-training
  • Healing from mold – Recommendations about whether medicine, avoidance, brain training or another strategy may be best for you.
  • Lyme disease remedies/treatment protocols. (Note: While I am not a doctor and cannot recommend any particular treatment, I can share about the different protocols and remedies that are out there, what I have observed to work well for other people, and which ones may benefit your particular situation)
  • Tools for healing depression in neurological disease: spirit, soul and body
  • Nutrients for restoring cognition, memory and mental function in Lyme, mold and related illnesses
  • Solutions for sleep (especially as related to neurological disease)
  • Balancing your hormones after age 40 (or before!)
  • Lifestyle strategies for wellness
  • Creating an environmentally-friendly home
  • Tools for preventing “the bug” and effects of “the j—”
  • Benzodiazepine drug tapering and mitigating the effects of drug withdrawal/addiction
  • How to set healthy boundaries in relationships and the role of healthy/toxic relationships in disease and recovery.
  • The role of forgiveness and renouncing bitter root judgments and vows in recovery
  • The role of love in healing and how to find your life’s purpose in loving others with the love of God
  • Finding meaning, purpose and joy amidst a world of chaos


My experience includes more than 15 years of research in integrative and functional medicine, including solutions for Lyme disease, cancer, nutrition and environmental illness. I’ve interviewed well over 100 integrative medical doctors for my work, and authored, co-authored or ghostwritten 17 books on the aforementioned, as well as other healing topics. In addition, I have attended many medical conferences to stay up-to-date on the latest treatment modalities for environmental illness, and written more than 200 articles on solutions for Lyme disease, cancer, environmental toxicity, insomnia, anxiety/depression, spiritual healing, benzodiazepine drug withdrawal and other topics in my work for the Alternative Cancer Research Institute (2011-2018) and as a copywriter for ProHealth (2015-2019).

In addition, I have provided inner healing prayer and deliverance ministry on a regular basis to clients/friends/family for over 10 years in a variety of settings and situations, including my local church’s altar and healing ministries; my late husband Bill’s and my prayer conference calls to the chronically ill, during individual consultations and at medical conferences. I have seen God supernaturally heal people of their diseases and wounds: spiritual, emotional and physical.

My hope is that by working with me, you will experience the best of both worlds: divine healing through relationship with God and His Word, as well as healing through lifestyle, medicinal and nutritional strategies—or whatever God may choose to use to bring you further in your healing journey!

Love and God bless, and I look forward to working with you!


God longs to be in intimate relationship with all of us. He desires for us to be happy and whole, functioning in the fullness of who He’s created us to be, but sometimes we need tools that can help us to get there. For instance, God’s desire is for all of us to be healed, but hindrances such as unforgiveness, toxic food, unhealthy environments or demonic oppression, can keep us from receiving that healing. Or rigid, rules-based religious doctrines can keep us from knowing Him and understanding how to have a full relationship with Him, even though our minds, but not our hearts, may know that He loves us. Thankfully, He has enabled us, through of the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross (and not our own merits!) to come to Him, just as we are, warts and all. More than a decade and a half of walking with God through the wilderness of chronic illness have taught me many valuable lessons about how to have relationship with Him, and how to receive His healing- in spirit, mind and body. Through my books, webinars, blogs, and one-on-one meetings, I share what I have learned, in the hopes that others will also receive the fullness of His healing, using tools in the natural, as well as supernatural realm.


God longs to be in intimate relationship with all of us, and for us to be happy, healed and whole. Over a decade and a half of walking with God through the wilderness of chronic illness has taught me that wholeness isn’t just about taking some herbs or a vitamin; it’s not just about receiving a miracle touch from God, and it’s not just about making positive confessions daily. Wholeness involves using a variety of tools that God has provided us in the natural and supernatural realms (among the most important of these, our relationship with Him!) to heal us and bring us into the fullness of who He’s created us to be. I share some of these tools in public meetings and also provide hands-on prayer and health coaching for those who want to receive a healing touch from God.